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The Doula Package

Availability update 9-15-22: I am currently not taking new clients at this time. My apologies! Please See additional Services + Products to see current offerings. 

Free Consultation

I would love to meet with you and your partner to discuss your doula needs. We could meet at a coffee shop, via video chat, or wherever you are most comfortable.

Phone And Email Support 

Once you retain me as your doula, I will be available by text, phone, or email for questions, concerns, and updates from the time of hire up until 12 weeks postpartum. I will respond as quickly as possible. Once you are 38 weeks pregnant, I will be on-call and will remain within 30 miles of Des Moines. In most cases, if you go into labor before 38 weeks, I will be available to support you! If I will be out of town around your due date, I will let you know that before hiring and would have a back-up doula available.

2 Prenatal Visits (1-2 Hours each)

At least two (although usually three) prenatal visits will be conducted in your home. The focus of these meetings is on learning more about you and your partner, what type of birth you are planning, birth options and development of birth preferences, and any questions/concerns you have. Evidence based education on a variety of topics related to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum can be shared, as well as information on newborn care.

My Doula Guide

You will receive my doula guide, a 75 page document created by me. This guide includes resources for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum including a birth options worksheet, fetal positioning tips, postpartum considerations, and a resource list of local providers, classes, and groups. You will also have access to my professional library of books for checkout.

During Labor, including birth photography

I will join you at your home, hospital, or birth center once you are in active labor and ready for support. I will remain with you during your labor and birth and for 1-2 hours after your baby is born. Photography is offered as a complimentary part of your doula package, which includes a minimum of 25-30 photos of labor, birth, and immediately afterward. These photos will be sent to you within one week. While my primary role is doula, I am able to capture many precious moments on camera.

as a doula, I  do not :

Perform any clinical tasks

I do not check blood pressure, check cervical dilation, or listen for fetal heart tones. I do not diagnose or prescribe. I provide emotional, physical, and informational support before, during, and after birth.

Make decisions for you 

At many points in your pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period, there will be decisions to be made. My role will be to inform you on options, resources, and supports. It will be you and your birth partner who will ultimately make these decisions.

Speak to the staff on your behalf

As your doula, I will not speak to the staff on your behalf. Based on your choices and decisions, I will discuss options with you and encourage you to speak with the staff once you have made your decision.

Baby’s First Feeding 

I will remain with you during baby's first feeding at home, birth center, or hospital, whether that is by breast/chest or bottle.

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

My role will be to support you and your decisions. I hope to help you have the best birth experience possible!

Postpartum Follow-Up (1 Hour)

Following the birth of your baby, I will visit once to provide postpartum support, review your birth experience, and answer any questions about recovery, baby care, or feeding. This visit will typically occur within the first 1-2 weeks after birth. If necessary, referrals to community supports can be provided, including lactation consultants. Text and phone support is available for up to 12 weeks postpartum.

Community Referrals

Once you retain me as your doula, I will share a list of community resources, classes, and supports that you may find useful during pregnancy, birth, and/or postpartum. Based on specific concerns, I can refer you to an appropriate provider in the community.

Doula Fee

My fee is $1200 for the services described above. The first part of the doula fee is due at the time of signing the doula contract. The remainder is due at 37 weeks. HSA/FSA payments are accepted!

***A $200 discount is offered for clients who have hired for previous births. Other discounts may be offered on a case by case basis. 

Back-Up Doulas:

In the rare circumstance that I would be unable to attend part or all of your birth, I have several trained and experienced back-ups who could take my place. "Meet the Back-Ups" nights are held every couple of months so that you can meet these doulas and ask any questions you have. If my back-up doula is used for all or part of your birth, I will pay the back-up doula's hourly fee.

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