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"We can't say enough amazing things about Kelli! After our first meeting, both my husband and I felt so confident that we wanted to have Kelli as part of our birth team. Her calm and caring demeanor was both relaxing to me during our prenatal meetings and during labor/delivery. She had great insight on the hospital we were delivering at due to her experience there.


During labor she suggested different laboring positions, made sure I was drinking water and had amazing massage techniques that were so crucial to getting through both labor and delivery. After delivery she stayed with us and answered questions we had and gave an extra level of comfort, but also allowed my husband and I to have our special first moments with our son.


Kelli also took amazing pictures during labor and after delivery, something that I wasn't thinking I really NEEDED. They turned out being something I couldn't live without. The memories she provided for us through her photography can't be replicated and are so special to look back on! I would recommend Kelli to everyone.  My husband and I already talk about hiring her again if we have a second child! In the end we had an amazing birth experience and couldn't have done it without Kelli!"

~Alexandra H.

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"I am SO thankful for the amazing support I had throughout my pregnancy and birth. If you are considering hiring a doula, I would STRONGLY recommend Kelli. She was extremely informative, personable, professional and just down right a rock solid support during a labor and birth that consisted of lots of hours and twists and turns. She is an extra-mile type person who played such an important role on my birth team. She has a wonderful gift to hold space with her calm presence and she truly shows she CARES for her clients. Thank you Kelli, we appreciate you and your work!!" 


~Amanda M.

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"I think a doula’s role may often be thought of as solely supportive to the mother, however, I’m writing from the perspective of a male partner. One of my concerns for the birth of our son was that I would be so preoccupied communicating with doctors and making decisions that I would be far removed from the present moment, not connected to my wife, not fully experiencing our son’s arrival.


Kelli created a deep trust with us after only meeting her a couple of times. When the day came, her presence in our home during early labor, and later at the hospital for delivery, gave me a great sense of calm. Our birth, beautiful as it was, became complicated and our birth plan quickly made impossible to follow. In those moments, Kelli was my ally. She helped me understand every situation, helped me make quick decisions while maintaining as much of our original intent as was safe to allow. She comforted and guided my wife in ways I couldn’t have, and helped our whole family stay together through till the end when she quietly slipped away.


Our decision to share our birth experience with Kelli was one of the best things we did on our journey to be parents. We are all forever grateful to her!"

~Stephen I.

"Words cannot express how thankful we are for the support Kelli provided during our pregnancy, labor/delivery, and postpartum.

After a difficult first birth, I knew I wanted doula support for my second and we are so lucky we found Kelli. We connected with her right away and knew she was the perfect person for the role. She was organized, responsive, super knowledgeable, kind, and warm. I felt supported and truly cared for.


She gave me so much confidence that I could have the birth of my dreams and even when I went to 42 weeks, her confidence never wavered. Because of her calm, steady demeanor, I stayed calm and steady throughout my entire pregnancy. I felt so excited to go into labor knowing I would have her by my side. My husband was also very thankful to have her on our team. She gave him peace of mind that I would be well taken care of and he could focus on the emotional aspect of being my labor partner.


In the end, I did have the birth of my dreams and credit so much of that to her. She came to my side as soon as we called on her and stayed with us for a couple hours after birth. She took beautiful photos of the whole process and was so discreet about it. I hardly noticed at all! I cannot recommend her highly enough. She made the whole process smooth and easy from day one and was an incredible, invaluable resource. We will definitely be using her for all of our future births!"

~Liddy O.

"Kelli was our doula for the birth of our second child. Our first child was born via an emergency c-section, and our goal was to VBAC. She met with us twice before the birth, met us at the hospital for the birth, and again after the birth. She provided us with lots of useful information, and made us feel really confident (and relaxed!) going into it.


I can't imagine this experience without Kelli. She has a natural calm about her, and in-depth knowledge of the birth process. Our second child's birth was as smooth as it could have been and I felt great afterward. I know that she was a huge part of that! I would not hesitate to recommend Kelli! She truly was supportive of everything along the way, and offered resources before and after the birth."

~Mindy S.


"I have had 3 home births and know what setting and feel I want for the birth experience. Kelli was a perfect fit for my birth space. She was calm, comforting, and gave me the confidence I needed to get the job done! I couldn’t have asked for a better woman by my side during the single most important events of my life. She is just a wonderful person and knows what she is doing!"

~Alexandria B.


"We had our second daughter mid- December of 2016 and had decided to use a doula this time. My intention was to have a natural, vaginal childbirth for this labor/delivery as well. Kelli met us at the hospital shortly after our arrival.  

Kelli and I walked a mile or two in the halls of the hospital while trying to see if we could get something started. Thankfully, the contractions came on strong and we were able to avoid induction. Kelli was fantastic. She supported me through varying exercises on the stability ball, positions on the bed, kept me company while I was in the whirlpool with her oils, and used some hands-on pressure for my lower back when I was in the most pain. Her presence throughout my laboring experience was so calm and encouraging. My husband was grateful to have the extra support this time as well. It was an added bonus to have Kelli using her photography skills to capture some special moments of our labor.

We have recommended Kelli to a number of others who are trying to conceive and some who are currently expecting. Having someone like Kelli to work with throughout my pregnancy really helped to keep me on track with my decision to have a natural childbirth. She was extremely helpful with her tips, emails, resources and home visits. We are eternally grateful to have crossed paths with Kelli and will forever remember her as a part of our second daughter's birth story."

~Teri R.

"Kelli is the best! We wanted an all natural hospital delivery and Kelli made sure that happened. She was there for us 24/7 to answer all our questions, gave us the best resources and provided me with the emotional support I needed. When I went into labor at 3am she answered our call and even ran a red light to be there for our quick 4 hour delivery! She took incredible pictures to capture those amazing first moments with our new baby...this by itself was worth every penny!!! Kelli was everything we could have asked for and more. Not only have we found our doula but we've found a lifelong friend!"

~Kimberly M.

"Kelli is amazing! We planned on interviewing another doula but after meeting with Kelli, my husband said, "I don't really see the point. I don't see how anyone else could be better." And he was right! As a first time mom, she put my mind at ease, especially since my mother and mother-in-law had both passed away. She really was 'mothering the mother'. Kelli is just an easy person to be around. She gave my husband and I valuable information, made us feel as comfortable as she could during this process, and helped me advocate for myself with my doctors. I know it went as well as it did because Kelli was there. We are so thankful for her." 

~Shannon S.

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"It is so important to feel supported leading up to, during, and after your birth experience. Kelli was exceptional throughout and a model doula! She is caring, knowledgeable, and patient (because as a first-timer you don’t know what you don’t know and I had so many questions!). I appreciated hearing her stories from all kinds of births as well as evidence-based info. My husband said she made a huge difference helping him as well. I was induced at 10 days past my due date and now have a healthy 5 week old. Induction is rarely in people‘s birth plans but with the knowledge and emotional support Kelli provided I am happy to say I had a very positive hospital experience!


After care isn’t talked about much but Kelli has been exceptional there too by sending resources for baby wearing, breastfeeding support, and healing your own body after birth. Every woman should have a doula and I would gladly recommend Kelli as one of the best in the area."

~Laura S.

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"How does one even begin to put into words how amazing of a doula, woman, friend Kelli is!? With my second birth (first with a doula) I hired Kelli on to join me on my long journey to VBAC. I was still a bit fragile from my first difficult birth experience and was very picky in choosing the right doula, as I needed a very specific person by my side, and everything needed to be just right.

Kelli, from the very first meeting made me feel loved, important, listened to, respected, cared for and excited for my new birth journey. Kelli was there for me in all my moments of wonder and questions. She always supported me when fear crept in and found a way to re-focus me.


I had a long and hard 2nd birth, as well, and during the birth she stood by my side for over 24-hours! Kelli was by my side for my 12-hours of home labor, 12 hours of birth center labor, and a couple hours at the hospital before a repeat c-section. She was a warrior doula and I will be forever grateful for her and her support."

~Shana P.

"Where to begin?! Kelli was an amazing friend from the moment I met her! She was kind and supportive, full of helpful resources and information, and very knowledgeable! Every one of our “planning” meetings with her was so helpful - we walked away from them feeling so supported and ready for the big day! 

Our baby arrived later than expected, but as we waited Kelli kept in contact via text and phone and was so encouraging through the wait period. 

When the big day(s) finally arrived, she labored with us at home which was amazing and then even spent the night on the floor of the hospital as we rested through the labor process. She knew exactly what to say and when, and it made things go so much smoother. I felt like she had our best interest at heart every step of the way. It was also nice to have someone there who understood birth and could help educate us when different things were presented to us.


Since the baby has arrived she’s kept in contact and even visited us and our new little one. She provided such loving support during the labor and the birth process! We couldn’t have done it without her! One of the best decisions we’ve ever made was to have Kelli on our team!" 

~Katie L.

"THE MOST WONDERFUL addition to our birth team! Kelli has been our doula for 3 baby boys born in 2.5 years. From the first moment I interviewed Kelli, I knew we connected. She was kind, knowledgeable, and the best listener I've been around. I wanted all things natural for birth and she had so many ideas for what we could try when the day came.


She helped educate, empower and relieve fears of unknowns through our prenatal visits. My husband wasn't sure what to expect and was so thankful for her through each birth. She helped teach us before our first and helped remind us through subsequent births. Each birth was different and she was needed in different ways. Physically, emotionally and for pictures in all!


I loved how dynamic her care was. Having her come to my house postnatal was equally as important. It was healing for me to have a female so connected to me and my birth stories. I needed to process each birth and she was instrumental in helping me do that.


For our last birth she had a mom go into labor much earlier than expected and was helping her through her birth while we were in labor. She was in contact with me as soon as she knew there may be a conflict and was still hopeful to make both births. She put my husband and myself in contact with a back up doula just in case we would need it. We ended up having our baby faster than our other births and Kelli's back up doula was great. She helped us over the phone and was at the hospital when we needed her. Of course we knew Kelli better and would have loved for her to be there, but we were so thankful to know we were in good hands with her colleague.


We cannot recommend Kelli enough and would be happy to chat with you and/or your partner when deciding to have a doula at your birth."

~Nicole S.

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