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**Last updated May 18, 2020. I will be keeping this page updated with information and resources as I receive them.**

As of March 25, 2020: All Central Iowa hospitals have restricted labor support to one person. This person must be symptom free. I am fully prepared to be your virtual doula if these restrictions are still in place when you give birth. While this is different than how you initially envisioned your doula support, there is STILL great value in this type of support, especially with the ever changing information, guidelines, and recommendations. How this may look:

Informational Support (via text, phone, or video chat):

  • Helping with decision making & options

  • Encouraging you to get the information regarding benefits, risks, & alternatives of proposed procedures or interventions

  • Utilizing your birth plan and preferences

  • Sharing evidence based information

Emotional Support:

  • Verbally encouraging and providing feedback

  • Giving positive reminders of progress

  • Acting as a safe place to discuss fears & concerns and reframe these if needed

  • Encouraging the birth partner

Physical Support:

  • Suggesting position changes, and sending visuals or modeling via video

  • Assisting with breath work, vocalization, and physical relaxation

  • Modeling counterpressure or hip squeeze for the partner

  • Encouraging the use of tub/shower, birth ball, heat/ice, or other tools

Things to bring: laptop, ipad with stand, or iphone with tripod to be able to video chat; chargers for these devices; extension cord to be able to reach around the labor room; and headphones for if you'd like to have a private conversation while on video chat.

While this is a stressful time, please make sure you are finding time each day to: check in with your baby, take deep breaths, and get some fresh air. Focus on what you can control right now: ​

  • Your positive attitude

  • Finding fun things to do at home

  • Your own social distancing

  • Your kindness and grace

  • Limiting your social media usage

  • Turning off the news

Destressing & Relaxation

Local Information / Resources

Out of hospital birth options (for low risk pregnancies & births)

Info from Kelli

Virtual Lactation Support

Mental Health Therapy (with TeleHealth)

Childbirth Education Courses currently meeting online

Local Hospital Visitor Restrictions

Virtual Hospital Tours

National Information / Resources

Evidence Based Birth

Birth Monopoly

Aviva Romm, MD 

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology (ACOG)

Online/Virtual Childbirth Education Courses


Podcast Episodes

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